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Who is Your T-Shirt Buying Audience?

You can have the best t-shirt concept or design in the world, but unless you have people that see it, and want to buy it, you’re dead in the water. It’s like putting up a billboard in the middle of a forest. You need to figure out who your audience is, and in this article, we’ll take a look at exactly how to do that.

The first thing you need to realize is that it’s not about what you, yourself, like or would wear…it’s about what the audience will purchase. This is a grave mistake that a lot of newcomers to t-shirts make. They create shirts that they love, but then wonder why they don’t sell.

Of course, there are lots of reasons why a t-shirt doesn’t sell, but bad design, or a design that just doesn’t resonate with its intended audience is one of the big reasons. Think about your shirt design concept. Who would wear that? Who would buy it for themselves? Who would purchase it as a gift?

What type of person would be the most apt to want this particular shirt. If we have a shirt that has a concept for knitters, is the message or image on the shirt going to be something they’ll actually take out their wallet to purchase? And how can you find these people?

One of the great things about selling t-shirts is the ease with which you can find all this information. All you have to do is a bit of research. Take Facebook, for example. If you do a simple search just for “knitting”, there are dozens upon dozens of groups with knitting as the main topic that have well over 20,000 members each!

That’s your audience! If that’s your niche, then you need to start getting involved in a few groups, and get to know people. Let them get to know you, too. After you’ve built  some trust within the group, you may begin to ask them questions, such as:

“Would you wear shirt A or shirt B?”,
“Which design do you prefer?”,
“Do you like these colors?”

These types of questions can be so valuable to your business and your bottom line!

Examples of other audiences would be:

●Firefighters or police
●Cat lovers
●Special interest groups
●Political movements
●Movie or music fans
●Sports teams

Bonus points if you hit upon two audiences that happen to intersect, such as: nurses who love to knit, Democrats who love cats, or firefighters who love to play Fallout 4. So you can see that just about any interest, hobby, profession, or even preference can turn into a successful audience that you can target!

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