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Published on April 5th, 2017 | by Artan


What Is PLR

If you’ve been online for quite some time, then you should come across the term private label rights or PLR.

So, what exactly is PLR and how does it differ from other licenses such as the master resale rights and why should you care about the differences?

PLR in short for private label rights means that the materials/products (ebooks, articles, report, etc.) come with license that allow the new owner the rights to use the content as he or she sees fit.

Other people has already done all the work putting everything together including the main product and some other materials such as a professional website template, sales letter and graphics and maybe even video or audio. The owner, instead of selling the product themselves, they make it available for sale to other people.

You can get your PLR products from some PLR sites that can be membership based or non membership based. Each type of PLR sites have its own advantages and disadvantages. You might get more content with a membership site but you are not the one deciding on the niches that you want. For the non-membership PLR site, you can choose what niche topics that you want before purchasing them. In this case, you are not being tied to a membership site every month and also can have the content that you are looking for.

When you owned a product with PLR, you are usually given a PLR license that tells you specifically on what you can do and what you cannot do with the materials. Most PLR comes with unconditional license which allows you to basically do anything you want with the products. Some PLR license even allows you to resell the private label rights of the product to other people. Take note of these kind of PLR license if you see one as they are quite hard to come by.

With PLR products, you can quickly create new products that you can do anything you want with it. You can create new graphics, add your own name or just change the product name (not recommended) and sell the new product to others with a price that you decide. This is as though you are the original creator of this product.

One thing you need to take note is that some PLR licenses might state that they comes with unrestricted rights but they don’t allow you to do something with it. Just make sure that you pay attention to the wording in the license and if you don’t like what you see, simply just look for other PLR products.

True unconditional or unrestricted PLR is a money and time saver. For a small amount of money, you can get top quality, well designed content that you would otherwise spend a lot of time creating yourself or spend a lot of money to get a freelancer to do something similar. If you would like to save time and even money, PLR might just be the answer that you are looking for.

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