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Published on March 21st, 2018 | by Artan


Use Good Web Design to Increase Your Traffic

We become so focused on finding free traffic that we sometimes find ourselves overlooking some of the easiest ways to increase your traffic flow to your website and we can do it for free. One of those key things is your web design. A good web design will increase your traffic. Lets look at some of the important points for your website.

1 .Balance your page A good website has balance.

When a visitor arrives at your page, the first thing they see is the top left of your page. They will hover there before moving up or down the page. Balance will make your page visually appealing and it will make it easier for the visitor to find items when the flow is good.

2. Build a modern design that is cohesive If you build a website that is hard to find your way around on,

your visitors will hit the back button faster than you can say gone. Make sure that you choose a design and layout that is easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

3. Be sure that you keep your page simple.

A clean site is much more visually appealing than one that is too busy. We tend to like to use all of the great tools that allow us to put very cool graphics on our site, show videos, interact with visitors, and on it goes.

However, we tend to put too many active things on the page and that makes it hard for visitors to stay focused. In fact, it can be annoying. Its not that you shouldnt use these items, but rather choose wisely how you use them.

4. Create a navigation menu that is easy to use and easy to find all of the content on the site.

Web visitors often look for a toolbar across the side or top so make sure that you stay with what visitors will find familiar and dont forget the link back to your home page.

A good web design means visitors stay on your site because they like it and return often. It also means they are far more likely to recommend your site to others. Something as simple as a good web design can increase your free traffic so dont overlook it.

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