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Methods of CPA Promotion

There are a number of ways that your CPA promotion can be done. Some of these involve you having your own website while others do not. CPA marketing is very similar to other forms of marketing. At the beginning, you will need to take some time to think about what product you can promote that will fit your niche and where you can market it, where your visitors will either be interested in learning more or in buying a product.

Lets have a look at some of the most commonly used promotional methods for CPA marketing on websites.

1. Sales or Landing Page

This is like a direct sales page and should usually provide additional information on the product. Usually its set up to be a hard sale, working hard to get the visitor to click through to the merchant or at least sign up to the sites mailing list.

Some sales pages attempt to achieve both of these; however, often it is more beneficial to have one direct path through your landing page. If you have too many options, you could lose more clicks.

2. Review Website

This type of site usually contains three or more products in a specific niche such as weight loss or gardening. There will be a brief introduction to each of the products, followed by a review of the performance of the product, and then often followed with a star rating out of five.

Each product is usually ranked in order and should contain a link to either a personalized landing page or directly to the merchants page.

3. Splash Page

Generally, this contains light content with flashy graphics a punchy headline. The copyencourages the visitors to input their details or to click through to the merchants site. There is minimal product information provided.

These kinds of pages are often used with products that dont need much explanation or that are already known in the marketplace like the iPhone.

4. Fun Landing Page

This is similar to a splash page but simpler. Generally, there is a question with two or more answers, which can be clicked on using the very large dominant buttons. Sometimes a game is used on this kind of page. It isnt the type of page that someone revisits.

Its only goal is for your visitors to click-through now. Weve talked about different promotional methods on your website. Of course, there are other methods but this is one of the most popular.

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