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Published on September 11th, 2017 | by Artan


Essential Guide To Kindle Profits

“From Generating Book Ideas Through To Writing It and Submitting Your Finished Masterpiece to Kindle… This Is The Essential Guide To Kindle Publishing.”


Dear Future Kindle Publisher,

The Kindle phenomenon is simply HUGE, isn’t it?

It wasn’t so long ago that the first eBook readers were launched to the public – but since then BOY have they exploded in popularity… Everywhere you go nowdays you see people reading their Kindle. It has totally changed the way we store and read books because now it’s possible to store an entire library of books on one small device.

Gone are the days when you had to choose just a couple of books to take away on holiday with you… Now you can take ALL of them – and it’ll take up less space in your suitcase than a single hardback book. So – it’s easy to see why Kindle has become so popular with readers.

But not only has Kindle changed the way we read, it has also changed the publishing world…

Thanks to Kindle it is now easier than ever for anyone to self-publish books – and that has opened up a whole world of opportunities to people who may never of previously thought of themselves as authors before. Don’t get me wrong. Writing a book isn’t easy – but publishing it to Kindle IS – and you can potentially reach a worldwide audience much quicker than it has ever been possible to before.

So, if you’re interested in writing books and then publishing them to Kindle, you’re going to love what I’ve got for you.

Kindle opens up a whole world of exciting opportunities for authors and publishers. But in order to be successful with Kindle you really need to know what you’re doing…

That’s why I decided to produce this no-nonsense guide to getting started with Kindle and hopefully profiting from your creations.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll learn inside…
  • Why you should get into Kindle – and what the future holds for Kindle publishing.
  • How to easily research and come up with great ideas for Kindle books.
  • Top tips for writing your book – and how to make it interesting for the reader.
  • How you can get into Kindle publishing even if you don’t want to write your own books
  • How to use PLR material to create Kindle books, even though PLR officially isn’t allowed (HINT: It’s all about simply using PLR as a starting point for your work)
  • How to promote your Kindle books… (You can’t just publish something and “hope they’ll come”)
  • Growing your Kindle empire.

… and much more.


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