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A Simple Way to Brainstorm T-Shirt Ideas

Sometimes, the hardest part in the entire t-shirt sales process is coming up with ideas. Great ideas can mean great sales. Sales are what most people are in this for. Coming up with great ideas – not so much. I’ve even heard some people in this line of work wish out loud for an “idea machine” that would crank out high-end t-shirt concepts at the drop of a hat.

Well, there already is such a machine is you know where to look and how to use it properly. I’m talking about the auto-complete feature on Google and Amazon’s search bar. When you search for something on Google or Amazon, it automatically fills in what it thinks you’re looking for before you complete typing the full search term. You can then select from the choices it gives you if any match what you were looking for.

This is a great feature that you can use to begin exploring niches that you weren’t aware of or re-engineering existing concepts for your own purposes. Once you get used to the process is does act very much like an “idea machine”. You’ll find yourself getting exposed to all sorts of concepts that you hadn’t considered before.

One of the best ways to look for new niches that you might not know about is to type a specific word followed by a letter. For example, you could type the word “shirt” followed by the letter “a”. You can review the auto suggestion results and then go on to “shirt” followed by the letter “b”. Again review the results. Then continue on through the alphabet seeing what you can discover. You can also use alternative words related to the original word you’ve been using. For example, “tee” or “sweatshirt” instead of shirt.

Another technique is to reverse engineer existing sayings and slogans. To do this, you first need to go to existing t-shirt sights and make some notes on saying and slogans that catch your interest. Once you have a list of sayings, head over to Google and Amazon. Type in the first two words of one of the sayings that you’ve jotted down. For example, if you wrote down the saying “This guy loves baseball”, you’d type in “This guy”. Once you do you’ll see a laundry list of alternative “This guy” sayings. You can then peruse this list and see what gets your creative juices running.


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