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6 Tips for a Healthy Facebook Ad Campaign

The social media marketing industry is thriving and Facebook is still seen as the most far reaching social media platform on the internet, which is why you should be considering taking advantage of Facebook ads. In fact, below are 6 tips for a healthy Facebook ad campaign that can help you enjoy success. But before we move on, its important that you realize that your Facebook ad campaign isnt just about the ads you pay for but also your daily interaction on Facebook, which promotes and advertisers your business.

Tips 1 :  Make Sure to Include Images The use of images strengthens your Facebook updates. Make sure your Facebook ad campaign includes an image as this will lead to a much higher rate of sharing and commenting by those initial click through visitors. You want fan engagement and this is agreat way to do that.

Tip 2 :  Contests and Giveaways Facebook lets you promote contests and giveaways. Just post your offer and then amend it to promoted post on your wall. If its a really good offer make sure you promote it to those people who arent currently your fans using your Facebook ads.

Tip 3 : Taylor Your Facebook Ads When you setup your Facebook ad campaign, make sure that you tailor your ads to the correct market age, gender, region, etc. There are many options for you, so fine tuning your audience so you get the exact people you want clicking through is not that difficult. This is a powerful tool so make use of it.

Tip 4 : Provide Enough Information Your Facebook ads need to contain enough information to entice the viewer to click through. Make use of your space! Then on your Facebook page make sure that you provide answers to every question asked email, description, website, etc. This information builds confidence, so when your viewer clicks through they are much more likely to stay on the page they landed on.

Tip 5 : Respond to Comments Your Facebook ad has worked in that your viewer has clicked through and landed on your Facebook page. Now they post a comment heres where you need to be sure you are replying in a timely manner. It can be the difference between keeping this potential customer an losing them.

Tip 6 : Post 10 20 Times Each Day Many dont realize that you need to post lots. Posters worry that they are bombarding their fans when in actuality only 5% of fans will see your average post. Content is also important. Dont be sending spam or annoying posts. Make sure each post has a message and learn what days and what times of days your market is most likely to be available.

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