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Published on March 25th, 2017 | by Artan


5 Must Know Tips on How to Create Videos People Will Like

If you are just entering the world of online marketing videos, youve put yourself in a great position, because videos are proving to be one of the best marketing tools around. However, when you are new to online marketing you will have plenty of questions, and one of the most common asked is how to create videos people will like. Lets look at 5 tips that you need to know.

1.  Make Sure Your Videos Are Personal

If you want to better engage your viewers especially on your Facebook fan page make short, personal, impromptu videos. When we say short we mean under 90 seconds. Dont worry about it being perfect. These are not training videos, how to videos, etc. These are just short personal videos designed to get you to talk directly with your fans to build trust.

2.  Always be First

Always be first. Be the first to bring news, be the first to address a topic, be the first to bring new technology to your viewers you get the idea. When you are the first you get more views its really that simple. Promote your video every way you can on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. You can really rack up the likes this way and that can help your video place better, which means more people see it and more likes happen this is the vicious circle you want to be on!

3. Be Inspired

Online videos are everywhere these days. In fact, its becoming hard to find something thats interesting and new. It can be tough to find a catchy topic, to find a new perspective. Here are some ideas on brainstorming for new video ideas.

* Take advantage of the YouTube comment search, which offers a real time search.
* Take advantage of the YouTube suggest to get a glimpse into the behavior of video viewers
* Use advanced search operators that YouTube offers such as wildcard and synonym

4. Get in on the Action

Be quick to grab your viewers attention by getting into action. Make sure you jump right in and dont waste a lot of time with introductions. Quickly say who you are, your company name, and the purpose of the video; then get to it. Captivate your viewers right from the beginning.

5. Plan Your Opening and Closing

Your opening or greeting and your closing or call to action need special attention to make sure that they are effective and create what you need. Your greeting needs to be short and to the point telling the viewer who you are and your company name. Your closing or call to action needs to be effective in order to get your viewers to do what you want, otherwise they could be lost forever.

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