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Published on October 21st, 2017 | by Artan


4 Ways to Generate a Realistic Income Online

Work 3 hours a month and earn a million.

Sounds pretty darn good doesnt it? You can find these kinds of promises all over the internet. Its filled with millions of promises and to someone eager to make their living online it can be a dangerous mine field to navigate. Of course, contrary to what this hype would like to tell you, if you would like to make a true income online, it requires you to be determined, persevere and work hard. There is no get rich quick method that works, but were going to share 4 ways that you can create an online income for yourself.

1. Printing Digital Products

E-products are convenient and popular, but some people still prefer to have a printed copy of a book in their hand or a CD with the pictures or information on it. They like to be able to feel it, touch it, hold it. There are sites online that provide print as you go services, so you can offer the service, get things printed hassle free, and then return the finished product to your client.


Creating e-books or reports that a customer can download to their computer is a good place for any an e-infopreneur to begin. You can easily create a digital download. All you need to do is create the e-book or report and turn it into a PDF file, then take advantage of the many online providers that can sell your e-book for you such as Amazon or E-Junkie. This is a much easier option than creating a physical book, which requires you to invest in printing and then the distribution of that book. You will need to determine what is a profitable topic.

3. Audio Products

Tons of people prefer to listen rather than read so consider an e-book that is also offered in an audio option. You can create a CD, MP3, or a podcast to offer to your customers. Its fairly easy to create an audio using a service like Audioacrobat or some other similar service. It allows you to earn two income streams off of one product.

4. Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising can be a profitable form of online income if you have a blog already and now you want to start making money off of it. Some of the easiest ways to start generating affiliate advertising income is through sites like  Commission Junction or Clickbank. Affiliate advertising is performance based so you dont earn any money until someone actually clicks on the link. You arent likely to get rich on this, at least early on, but it can provide another income flow option.

Here are 4 ways you can make a legitimate income online. There are others. Just avoid the sounds too good to be true offers, because they are.

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