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4 Tips to Get Accepted by a CPA Network

There are so many rumors out there about the affiliate community and how it is really hard to get accepted by a CPA Network. Many people feel discouraged before they even start and so they dont bother, only later they find out it wasnt that hard. Here are 4 tips to get you accepted by a CPA Network.

Tip 1 :

Register for a minimum of twice the number of networks that you really want to work with. For example, lets say that you want to start by working with 4 different CPA Networks, and then you need to register to 8 different networks. You will be accepted by approx. 50% of the networks that you apply to.

Tip 2 :

Begin by building your blog. WordPress is a good platform to start with. Its easy to learn and you can easily use open source. It will take a little time to learn it, but there are tons of great tutorials to be found on Google. Building your blog can be fun! Its also not quite as intimidating as building a website from scratch.

Tip 3 :

Begin by applying to the smaller CPA Networks. You should not begin by applying to the larger more popular Networks. They get huge numbers of applications every day and so whether they actually go through all the apps remains debatable. Even if they do check all the apps, they can be very picky because they know tomorrow there will be another big stack of applications waiting for them.

Instead, focus on the smaller Boutique Networks, where there are fewer affiliates registering, because fewer people are aware of them. They pay attention to the applications they get and you are far more likely to not just get a more personal experience, you are much more likely to be accepted.

Tip 4 :

Be determined about getting accepted by the network. Only a few Networks process your first application and thats OK just as long as you know thats the name of the game. Accept it and play by their rules. A couple of days after you fill out your first application, if you have not heard anything then find out who their Affiliate Manager is and send them an email.

If the Affiliate Manager doesnt reply to your email in a few days, then look up their phone number and them. If you dont like the phone, you still need to get your nerve up to make this one call. Its that important.

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