Techtest Bm 800 Professional Condenser Microphone for Computer Audio Studio Recording Vocal Karaoke Interview Kit with Stand Dynamic Voice and Singing 6-Inch Diameter Double Mesh Screen Pop Filter Mic & 3.5mm Splitter Analog 7.1 Channel Sound External Usb Sound Card Input Home

Price: ₹ 6,000.00 - ₹ 1,998.00
(as of Jun 02,2021 13:07:26 UTC – Details)

Professional condenser dynamic microphone with gold head mic sound studio recording shock mount large condenser microphone element for warm, rich recordings cardioid pick-up pattern minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source smooth, extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and instruments overload-protection switch (-10db) minimizes distortion from loud sound sources bass-reduction switch reduces room noise plug and play. Package includes: 1 microphone, 1 holder(metal), 1 power cord and 1 anti-wind foam cap. Bm800 Microphone, Studio Mics, Studio Mic, Condencer Microphone, Singing Mike, Condenser Mic For Recording, Microphone Stand, Mics For Singing, Condensor Mic, Studio Mic Stand,

【Mic Stand With Pop Filter , 】(Pop Filter): -External diameter:155mm -Convenient to Install and Use – Universal MIC Stand Mounting Bracket – Ideal Product To Reduce P-pops In Recording – Compatible with Personal Studio, Recording, Video Chat, Broadcasting And Radio Hosting – Double-layer net diameter: 130mm – Tube length: 375mm – Tube diameter: 8mm – Mounting clamp can clip up to 35mm(clamp adjustable) – 360 Degree Swivel Mount Flexible Holder can be Arbitrarily Distorted
【3.5mm SPLITTER 】 audio port into two distinct 3-position 3.5mm audio ports, allowing you to connect a microphone as well as external speakersThis allows you to use your own high quality Hi-Fi headphone and Hi-Fi Microphone to all mobiles and tablets. mic port is not for record voice, it just for voice outgoing. Compatible with all mobile phones /Android Handsets / Tablets / Laptops and any mobile devices with a combo headphone/mic jack (3.5mm Jack)
【USB 7.1 sound card】With sound quality comparable to CD, it is installed outside the case to prevent electromagnetic interference inside the case, making the sound quality more pure. Support 2 channel analog 7.1 channel; High power: can drive a variety of high-impedance headphones, ordinary headphones and audio, sound quality is great, the signal-to-noise ratio can reach 90 decibels. In WIN2000, WINXP, WIN7 8.WIN3003 systems do not need to install drivers,
【Mic Stand For Recording Studio , 48V Power】It only works with device that could provide enough power with 48V phantom power adapter. If the power is not enough while being used with Amplifier or Mixer, the sound volume might be recorded very low. If better sound prefered, the sound card will be needed.

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