Mizi Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 inch Tempered Glass [2 Pack] [2020 & 2018 Model, 4th & 3rd Generation] [Anti 8 Radiations, Anti Blue Light Filter] [Compatible Apple Pencil]

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Product Description

screen Protector iPad Pro 12.9 2020/2018 iPad Pro 12.9 matte screen Protector iPad 12.9 Screenscreen Protector iPad Pro 12.9 2020/2018 iPad Pro 12.9 matte screen Protector iPad 12.9 Screen

Brand: MIZI | model: iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2020 & 2018 Model – 4th & 3rd Generation) | size: 12.9 inches | color: clear | weight: 40 grams | thickness: 0.3 mm

at MIZI, we understand your lifestyle and your needs this is why we try to innovate luxurious products to make your life easy, cheerful & enjoyable with the help of new technologies. We offer you the most user-friendly functionalities and the most interesting custom designs. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ lifestyles through our products and services of elevated value and quality.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch Screen Protector Tempered Glass Scratch Guard (2 Pack, 2020 & 2018 Model, 4th & 3rd Generation)

screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020/2018 iPad screen Protector 12.9 Pro 2020/2018screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020/2018 iPad screen Protector 12.9 Pro 2020/2018

With the wish of everyone have a pair of perfect sight and leave from digital eye strain, MIZI iPad pro 12.9 2018 model eye care tempered glass guard screen protector makes it possible to enjoy playing with electronic devices and healthy life.

MIZI warm Tips:

To help cut the glare, reflection, blue light, and UV rays, this screen protector has a slightly “frosted” look. But if you’re looking for a crystal clear optical screen (and the eyestrain that goes with it), you might want to be aware of this before you buy.Please note that the screen protector could really protect eyes in terms of blue light filter blocking up to above 50% of blue-ray (wavelength of blue-ray: 450nm is the most harmful to eyes ). However tempered glass of blue light filter on market only blocks up to 10%-20% of blue light from the phone screen, they couldn’t supply detailed data of blue light filter but also not tested by special optical instruments – spectrograph. If you care about the future health of your eyes and it will aid in helping further deterioration. I know it’s somewhat costly, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of your eyes.

MIZI Radiation protective Screen Protector Tempered Glass Scratch Guard

iPad Pro 12.9 glass screen Protector iPad Pro 12.9 screen protector matte paperlike iPad Pro 12.9iPad Pro 12.9 glass screen Protector iPad Pro 12.9 screen protector matte paperlike iPad Pro 12.9

Redness, irritation, or dry eyes from staring at the bright back-light of screens for long periods; also reduced blinking.

Blurred vision due to screen glare.General fatigue from staring at screens and straining to see small fonts and images.Back and neck pain due to poor body posture when a screen is not positioned properly; 5 headaches from repeated eye strain.

What is blue light?

In the light of the phone’s screen, it contains a high-energy blue light of 400-470nm, which can go straight to the yellow spot at the base of the retina, causing serious damage to the eyes.

The wavelengths within the blue-violet portion of the light spectrum that are considered potentially most harmful to retinal cells range from 415 to 455 nanometers, and most of our devices emit a high level of blue light, typically around the wavelength starting at 400 nm.

and what are the damaging of blue light?

Vision drop or loss.Eyes fatigue, dry, tingling, and other phenomena.Visual fatigue aggravates the lesion of the vision loss region.The night’s screen disturbs sleep.

50% Anti reflection – 55% Anti glare

iPad Pro screen Protector 12.9 2020/2018 iPad Pro 12.9 tempered glass screen ProtectoriPad Pro screen Protector 12.9 2020/2018 iPad Pro 12.9 tempered glass screen Protector

Main Instruction of Tempered Glass Screen Protector Replacement for iPad Pro 12.9 2018 Inch by MIZI

Anti 55%-70% blue light, protect our eyes and enjoy good sleeping;

Blue light source: the main source of harmful blue light is led screens, such as mobile phone screens, computer screens, and so on.

Blue light injury: harmful blue light can directly cause vision loss degeneration and severe cases can cause a lack of vision.

Anti-blue light: blocks about 30% of the blue light in 380nm-465nm short wave, improve sleep.

About 55% Anti Glare, Anti Eye Strain, Eye Pain

Glare source: Electronic screens, lights, and other excess illuminate.

Glare injury: Glare is easy to cause dry eyes, eye pain, and decreased vision.

Eyecare, relief eye strain – anti-glare, blocks more than 55% of the glare with the nano-etching technology.

About 50% Anti Reflective, Anti Eye Fatigue

Reflective source: The screen of a computer, mobile phone, etc. It is itself a reflector that reflects light like a mirror.

Reflective injury: The electronic screen is easy to reflect and glare, and long-term gaze can cause visual fatigue.

Triple Guard Eyes, Anti Eye Fatigue – Low reflection, blocks more than 65% of the reflection of the mirror screen of phone and tablet computer.

Additional performance of eye care Screen Protector Tempered Glass Scratch Guard

ipad pro 12.9 matte screen protector 2018 case inch glass for 3rd generation tempered cover appleipad pro 12.9 matte screen protector 2018 case inch glass for 3rd generation tempered cover apple

Features of tempered glass guard film for ipad pro 12.9 by MIZI

2.5d curved round edge, case-friendly, no-hassle easy to past, bubble-free installation.Anti-Scratch 9H Hardness, Tempered glass with industry-high 9H hardness rating, which provides better scratch-resistant and shock resistance, can effectively decrease the damage of dropping or scratch.Dust-Free, Fingerprint-Free, Smudge Resistance by AF Vacuum Evaporation, more durable than oleophobic coating.0.33mm thickness, thinner more than you want.3D compatible Touch, High sensitivity, and High Response.Face ID & Pencil Compatible: With a precise cutout for not covering the camera, it fully compatible with the Face ID recognition, which ensures unlock the iPad easily and quickly.Only 0.2mm thickness, high-transparency, and pencil compatible.

Notice :

follow the installation steps in the instructions before using the Protector screen.

Clean and wipe the screen of the iPad clearly for at least 1-2 minutes, the new smooth iPad may reduce the stickiness of the screen protector, so you need to wipe carefully. Please be sure to paste tightly and align it during the installation process. Otherwise, there will be some cases where the touch is not sensitive. Try not to reinstall multiple times, otherwise, the viscosity of the glue will be weakened. The screen protector might not fit for some bulky watch cases for its full coverage.

Installation steps:

1. Clean and dry your device screen with the included wet cloth and dry cloth.

2. Remove the specks of dust on the screen with the dust removal stickers.

3. Carefully peel off the backing of the screen protector.

4. Align and apply the screen protector to the apple watch screen.

5. Tightly press the edges of the film to avoid edge lifting.

What you get:

2x iPad Pro 12.9 Screen Protector (2020 & 2018 Model – 4th & 3rd Generation)

2x Alcohol Wipes, Microfiber Cloth, Dust Absorber Sticker, Bubble Removal Card.

[FILTER HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT & UV] : iPad Pro 12.9 Screen Protector 2018 Blocks 90% Blue Light Blockage (380nm-420nm) and 98% Uv Blockage (310nm-380nm) to Minimize Digital Eye Strain Caused by Harmful Blue and Uv Light Emitted from Digital Screens. iPad Pro 12.9 inch Screen Helps Promote Healthy Melation Levels for Better Sleep and by Relieving Eye Muscle Fatigue,dry Eyes,blurred Vision and Other Symptoms,protect Our Eyes Perfectly.
[PROVIDES EYE PROTECTION & WIDE TARGET AUDIENCE] : iPad Pro 12.9 inch Tempered Glass Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Not Tired After Staring at the iPad 12.9 Screen for a Long Time perfect for Short-Sighted Person, Baby Mother,school Student,office Worker,social Media Addict,online Gamer,fashion Lover Etc. iPad Pro 12.9 Tempered Glass 2018 is Highly Recommended for Children Who Are Most Vulnerable.
[9H HARDNESS & OLEOPHOBIC COATING] : iPad Pro 12.9 Screen Guard 2018 Made of High Silicon Aluminum 99% Cover iPad 12.9 Screen Protector, Resists Scratches Up to 9H,gives Your Phone Maximum Protection from Drops, Cracks, Scratches and Normal Signs of Wear. iPad 12.9 Screen Guard Has Nano Oleo-phobic Coating for an Oil- Resistant,anti Fingerprint,protector Surface That Is Easy to Clean.
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