OJOS Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Film, Anti Blue Light Filter Anti-Glare for 2018-2020 MacBook Air 13-inch with Touch ID Model A1932 A2179 A2337 (Matte Clear)

Price: ₹ 1,999.00 - ₹ 1,499.00
(as of May 16,2021 15:54:34 UTC – Details)

ULTIMATE BLUE LIGHT AND RADIATION Protection Pack for 13 inch Mac Book Air
The glossy surface has a greater contrast ratio and color spectrum just on the surface. It will perform in a normal way but will produce a little glare depending on positioning of the screen towards the light source.

The matte finish has its own color, blackish Grey, when you turn the back light off. The matte will not reflect light because it absorbs it.
Sleep is one part of the problem with blue light.
The bigger problem is actually that blue light goes deep into our eyes and it’s high energy light.
You may know that the UV light affects our eyes negatively, but you probably don’t know that blue light also causes many problems.
We have substance in our skin, hair and eyes called Melanin that absorbs UV light, but blue-violet light continues its path to the macula of our eyes.
This, in the long run, causes macular degeneration.
Blue Light Blocking: The anti blue light laptop screen protector can block 90% blue ray between 380nm to 495nm for wide range HEV protection
Anti-Scratch: With 5H hardness and through special process, the screen protector is with superior performance to prevent scratch.
No Residue Left: No residue leaves on your LCD/LED display when you remove it.
Easy to Install.

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