KannsSky 2 Units- Jala Neti Pot Size: 150 Ml

Price: ₹ 250.00 - ₹ 159.00
(as of Apr 30,2021 08:04:50 UTC – Details)

Our small and simple neti pots are lightweight and unbreakable so your nose will stay fresh and your breathing clear, even while traveling. Dishwasher safe and perfect for use in the bathroom, these are our most popular neti pots, used in studios and retreats all over the world. Traditionally a yoga method, daily neti or ‘nasal cleansing’ will relieve and prevent a congested nose, hay fever and sinusitis, or to relieve a ‘heavy head’ and bring a clearer mind to the user. A Neti Pot is used for Jala Neti, a very old cleansing technique of the Hatha Yoga tradition of India. The literal translation of the Sanskrit term means “water cleansing”. The newly established modern word for Jala Neti is nasal irrigation. In the yogic tradition, Jala Neti is performed every morning with the daily routine such as tooth brushing. It can be performed more often if you work or live in a polluted area or have health problems such as hay fever.

Good Quality With Durability
Made Of Virgin Plastic Safe For Use In The Bathroom And Travel Friendly

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