Why Do I Choose To Blogging ?​

1.Establish Authority

            Having a blog and writing about topics that are relevant to your audience puts you as an authority in space. It enhances your professional image. The blog is about experts in the 2000s about what a business card was like in the 1990s. New business card blogs.


 Blogging enables you to reach billions of people who use the Internet. Blogging can help you promote yourself or your business. Blogging serves as a way to attract an audience because it provides something valuable to them before asking for anything in return.

What would you choose to click on, a page entitled “How to Improve Your Blog”, or a page entitled “Buy My Consulting Services”? By creating a very important blog, you can attract an audience and ultimately turn it into customers, partners, friends, or otherwise.


3. Create Connections and Engagement

Blogging can turn traffic into leads and lead to customers. Blogging can heat up your cold calls and traffic from other sources. If someone finds your cold phone, they may listen if they read your blog and find the value in it.

4. Build Opportunities

Blogging can lead to more business / traffic opportunities. For example, talking about sharing or pressing. I’ve had people contact me to speak at conferences they found me through my blog. Blogging makes anyone who has something interesting or important say they can be identified as an expert.

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