Successful In Blogging


(1). Get A Good Name And Domain Name.

Your domain name is what you type in the address bar to a website. In my case for example:


But how do you get a good name for your website’s domain name?

Here’s how I did it:

I found the title of my blog. Personally it was self-confidence and self-improvement.
I thought of the words. After getting the article I took maybe 15 minutes with pad and paper again

potential names are discussed.
I’ve lost a few words. Some because they feel normal and annoying to me. Some because

they did not specify what the website was referring to.
In the end my choice was reduced to what I found easy to remember and was taken

the spirit and the topics of what I wanted to write about.

(2). Set up your blog.

After you find the name you want on your blog or website you will need to register it


You can do that on the web host where you will find space to hold the blog posts,

files, photos, videos etc are all integrated into your website.

(3). Get a good look for your website.

After you have registered your domain name, set up your hosting account and created your website with

using a single WordPress installation it’s time to check it out.

Do that by selecting the theme. There are many free options to choose from in your WordPress control


There are also premium themes that tend to be very professional and feature very useful functions.

I have been using a premium theme called Thesis since 2009 and I am very happy with how it has:

It helped me create a clean and tidy look for my website.
It has made it easy to publish articles with easy-to-read and easy-to-read text.

The best premium theme different from Thesis is the Genesis Framework. It’s a very popular and it is

used by many top blogs.


(4). Start creating your favorite content and share it with the world.

Now, after you have set the basics of technology it is time to ask yourself: what do people want

from the website?

If you ask me the answer is just the value.

From a website like mine they are looking for the best and most effective self-improvement tips they


help them improve their lives.

From the comedy website they can search for the most funny videos or comedy jokes. From the history

website see

perhaps you want history to be told in a fascinating and exciting way.

So value can come in many ways depending on what niche your website is on.

The key to making a lot of value regardless of whether your website is about writing, podcasting or


videos around one of your biggest passions or interests in life.

By doing so you will do a better job and will continue to create better and better content

in time. And you won’t get tired or bored and quit easily before your website starts.


(5). Find powerful articles to write about.

It doesn’t matter if you write, podcast or make videos you want to do with non-essential topics

not only for you but also for other people.

But how to create content that is likely to help more people and be removed from social media

For example?

Two things that worked for me were:

>> What do students and people you have met in life ask you? Answer common questions yourself

find out from the people you meet online and in real life your content. If a few people ask you

about the same thing then there may be more to your reading that you would like to know

the answer.
>> Share your Answer to the biggest bad situation or challenges you have faced. People are very


the same. So if you can share it has helped you overcome one of your biggest problems or challenges

in life then there is a good chance that it will meet many other people.


(6). Spread the word about your website.

OK, so update your website. You have some important content published. Some students can start

it goes inside.

But how do you spread the word about your website to start building your audience?

I was lucky enough to have a few things mentioned on social media (despite the articles I received

The comments were very helpful and I went the extra mile with them).

But what can you do to spread the word if that doesn’t happen in time?

One of the best ways I can find readers is to enjoy your content and stick to it

you long to visit posts from other blogs in your niche.


(7). Start a newspaper.

People sometimes ask me how I can be different if I start all over again today. Yes, one of the

the things I can do and the biggest mistake I made in the first few years was not to start an email


faster than me.

You see from 2006 to the beginning of 2010 blogging was only used for my business.

Then in February 2010 I finally took the advice that many had given me and added an email list to


And I’m so glad I did that.

Here are some of the great benefits I’ve got over the years from having an email list:

Involvement shot. Usually I get a lot of ideas, feedback and personal and encouraging stories from

my readers when I send an email newsletter compared to any blog post I post on my website.


(8). Get involved using social media.

Setting profiles on your website on major social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook,

Instagram, LinkedIn etc. and sharing your content there and engaging with your readers can also bring

many new visitors to your website.


(9). Set the house page here.

When folks come back to your journal with a homepage or article they need found through Google or


for example they were thrown there. they will be confused on wherever they’re going next.

So create it simple and facilitate them concentrate on your best content and what they must do next.

Another good way to try and do that’s to line up the primary page here (I use this rather than the page

virtually, since

I think it makes it easier for a brand new student to induce a primary place).


(10). do not forget to form regular backups of your content and web site.

It solely takes a number of minutes and can be helpful the day once one thing serious (and terribly

serious) happens

it will happen sooner or later once websites crash, computers die then on).

There area unit several straightforward and free WordPress plugins which will assist you with this,

simply search

for “backup” rather than plugins in your WordPress administrator.

I recommend selecting one that a lot of already use, this typically ensures regular and smallest


the risk of non-compliance with WordPress updates over time in line and a lower risk of obtaining the


hacked (and as AN extension of what your web site may need been hacked with).

I additionally assume it’s an honest plan to stay your backup not solely on your laptop however

additionally to stay a duplicate or 2

on USB-sticks.


(11). suppose security before hacking.

I have not been hacked once more in recent years as a result of I used AN older version of plugin + AN

older version

for WordPress. And it had been a nerve-wracking few days before I had to mend it.

Here area unit three steps you’ll go for create your WordPress web site a lot of secure:

>> higher username and arcanum +. Do a bit googling to search out out a way to use a secure username

and a WordPress arcanum (and the other login you’ll have in your life).
>> Security plugins. hmmm you’ll realize several free and intensely rated plugins in your WordPress


that will assist you strengthen security.
>> invariably keep your WordPress installation updated to the most recent version. you simply ought to

press the file for

button and solely takes a number of minutes. By doing thus you’re preventing somebody from getting into

with protection

hole is AN previous version of computer code.